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Finally this month I am starting with IUI procedure, I just have a simple question. After going back and forth between donor. I finally found donor 13357, Do I purchase one vial at a time? Since it is recommended 3-4 cycles at the beginning, I am confused or do you guys purchase 3-4 vials already. This donor still has +25 samples. Any advice is greatly appreciated


  • Hi!

    I think it depends on how much you love the donor you are choosing and how willing you would be to use a different donor if he happened to become unavailable. Our 1st IUI we used 2 vials (14900), which unfortunately was unsuccessful. At the time we originally purchased those 2 vials our donor was also 25+, but when we went back to schedule a 2nd purchase and shipment, he didn't have any left! Popular guy!

    With our 2nd IUI we used a different donor (14962). Purchased and shipped 2 vials, which again was unsuccessful. 3rd IUI, same donor, 2 vials, unsuccessful. 4th IUI, same donor, 1 vial, BFP!!!

    Cycles #1 and #2 were unmedicated, cycle #3 Ovidrel only, cycle #4 Follistim and Ovidrel.

    Unfortunately, we lost our son at 15.5 weeks gestation. After some consideration and further research (both medically myself, our son, and newly added donors) we decided to try a 3rd donor. My wife happened to relate to him even more so than our original choices. We are currently in a TWW with 15084! Since our cycle #4 regiment worked for us, our RE allowed us to do the same; medicated with just 1 vial.

    So we are one story of how to go about it :smiley: Good luck to you with whatever way you choose!

  • Hi, I know this is late, so I'm not sure if it will help, but our doctor required that she has two vials in hand for our IUI cycle. She wants to have a back up in case the first one is no good after it is thawed. I would recommend talking to your doctor, but having at least two on hand.

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks for the responses I ended buying 4 vials of the same donor and let's see what happens. I am on my TWW with femara 5 days and ovidrel. First IUI with clomid and ovidrel failed completely. Wish me luck :)

  • @sm0878 best of luck! My wife started her clomid yesterday and we're looking at insemination on 9/1.

  • @TinyToes87 do you happen to have any vials remaining for 15084?

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