Has anyone used donor 15002?

My wife and I are considering him as our donor! Hoping to start IUI in January.


  • We did! We have a beautiful baby girl now!

  • Congratulations!! What great news for you and your family. We chose 15002 as our donor but haven't attempted IUI yet- hoping to start next year!

  • Thank you! She is the greatest joy in our lives! Enjoy the IUI adventure - it can be hard at times but it’s also so incredibly exciting, and getting that positive test is absolutely magical! For us, it was the 3rd IUI that gave us our beautiful girl, so try not to get too discouraged if it isn’t successful in the first try. Our reproductive endocrinologist was always so pleased with the test results of the samples we received (specifically with the high specimen count); you chose a good one! 💕

  • Thank you for the incredible affirmations! It is great to hear that we chose a good donor and also that IUI worked for you. We are hoping for the same! Sending your family lots of love from ours. Hopefully we'll have a little one soon, too!

  • @2futuremoms been thinking of you lately! So excited for you!

  • @2futuremoms Did you end up with a pregnant using 15002? My wife and I are considering using his sperm as well!

    @MSVH Great to hear about your baby girl!

  • Hi! We had some life events happen and haven't even attempted IUI yet. But we're getting closer to trying for real this time- hopefully in the next 6 months! Good luck to you as well!

  • @xyz2020 I’m pretty sure there is at least one more family that has had success because when we first looked at him the profile said no successful pregnancies, but that changed to yes a little bit before we got pregnant. I haven’t joined the sibling registry yet because I don’t think I’m ready, but we likely will one day. Our angel girl just turned 1 two days ago! ❤️

  • @MSVH Happy Birthday to your daughter! :)

    @xyz2020 Good luck to you!

  • @2futuremoms thank you! Hopefully you were able to get get vials if you wanted to since they’re all sold out now. I was so surprised to read that!

  • Thanks, @MSVH! I was surprised too. We have 8 vials total, and now I'm a little nervous not knowing if that's enough. I hope we can get pregnant quick enough for 8 vials to work for 2 kids! How many vials did you have and how many children are you hoping for? We're planning to start trying in the next month or two! (Also, I updated my username because my spouse transitioned to male recently- I guess we're not "2futuremoms" anymore 😉)

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    @transfamily7 being your authentic self isn’t always the easiest, but it is always the best; congratulations to your spouse! We’re in the same boat, pretty much. It took us 3 vials to have our daughter, and we have 5 left just in case we decide on one more. I’ve never wanted kids to outnumber adults in our family, so the goal has always been one or two. The sell-out did give me anxiety, but my spouse and I kind of decided that if we did choose to have another and it didn’t happen in 5 tries, it just wasn’t meant to be. I also suspect people will likely sell some vials back in the future since I think a lot of people panic-bought yesterday. I’m still so surprised. Our vials were labeled 2-4, so pretty much his whole inventory has sold out since we started this journey. I guess the cool part about it is if the kids decide to find each other in the future, it looks like they’ll all be about the same ages! Good luck to you both on starting soon... it’s so exciting! <3

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    @MSVH Sounds like we're totally in the same boat! I hope it only takes us 3 cycles to conceive-- I don't have a "picture-perfect" charting cycle, so I'm a little nervous. I will work on having the same healthy mentality as you all- that if it doesn't happen it wasn't meant to be. I totally hear your anxiety about yesterday's sell-out, and I do hope folks sell the vials back in the future if they don't use them. We purchased almost 2 years ago when he had ample vial supply, so I'm surprised they went so fast too. It really is neat that the kids will be around the same age! I'll let you know how our path to pregnancy goes 💕 Sending love you your family!

  • @transfamily7 My cycle isn't perfect either so I worked with my reproductive endocrinologist and he was able to get it on track! It turned out that even though my thyroid hormones were all within normal limits, the smallest dose of thyroid medication helped regulate things. I also think that it was the right medications for ovulation induction that helped the third time work as well - the first two times we used Clomid, but the third time we used Letrozole and it worked! We LOVE our doctor and would highly recommend him to anyone. I'm not sure where you're located or if you have already chosen the doctor that you will see, but hopefully s/he has the perfect regimen for you! It's really very interesting how much in common we seem to have. Wishing you all the best! <3

  • @MSVH Just wanted to let you know that the first IUI took and we are 5 weeks pregnant! Hoping all goes well from here on out. Sending love to your family!

  • @transfamily7 CONGRATULATIONS! We’re so excited for you! That’s amazing that it took the first try! We recently connected with another family with our daughter’s donor siblings too. Wishing you so much love and happiness! I miss pregnancy so much and hope you enjoy it! ❤️

  • Hi! Does anybody has any extra vials of donor 15202 that would like to sell? My wife and I want to use him but there are not more vials available :(. Thank you

  • @MSVH Thank you so so much!! We're so excited! Hoping all goes well in the next few weeks and also the next 9 months. That's awesome that you connected with another family! I'll have to talk with my spouse about signing up for the sibling registry - we haven't had that conversation yet. Wishing you and your family lots of happiness as well! It's been so great to connect with you in the last year - knowing there's such a nice family out there with a daughter who is genetically related to our (future) child makes me want to sign up for the sibling registry even more.

    @Nily I'm so sorry, but we're saving our extra few vials for future children. I wish you and your wife luck in finding vials for 15002 or in finding another great donor!

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    @transfamily7 I totally understand your hesitation. Our babe is almost 16 months and I just became comfortable kind of looking for donor siblings recently. We are not yet on the donor sibling registry because that’s still beyond my comfort level. I started being more open to it because after talking to our friends who’ve found about 50 (!!!) of their kids’ donor siblings (from a different bank), I couldn’t get past the curiosity. Even though it’s has been oddly emotional, I hope to become more and more open to it because it’s a beautiful gift we can give our children to create this network of friends and people that care about them all over the country if we as their parents foster these relationships. I can tell you that the other family is very sweet! I’m looking forward to updates of all the amazing milestones you have ahead with your pregnancy! ❤️

    @Nily you posted on a thread for 15002 but said 15202 in your post, so it’s not clear which you’re looking for. 15002 is definitely worth it but I think you will probably have a hard time anytime soon because he just sold out recently so many of us panic bought more vials; he went from “low inventory” to sold out within hours. I’m sure some of us will sell some back eventually, but given that they were all just bought up last month, it probably will be a bit. Either way, I wish you the very best of luck!! ✨

  • I just realized that, MSVH! I am looking for donor 15202. I confused the numbers. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  • @MSVH Wow, how did you connect with the other family without going through the sibling registry? I also think the full registry is out of our comfort level (although my curiosity sounds like yours!), but we'd likely be interested in connecting with one or two families in the future. Unfortunately, we are having a miscarriage right now, so we'll try again for a viable pregnancy soon. This is a reminder that having children is a journey, and we will be grateful for all we learn about ourselves and our resilience every step of the way!

  • @transfamily7 I’m deeply sorry to hear about your loss. Your strength and positivity during this heartbreak is incredible, and you’re absolutely right - this is a journey - and it’s only just begun. My heart is with you both. There is a non-profit that offers free care packages for mamas who have experienced loss; you can order one at https://gracefilledbox.com/products/gracefilled-box (I’m not associated with them in any way, just think it’s a beautiful service that they offer).

    We found the other family in a Facebook group; I haven’t posted in any of the groups, but the other mama did, so that’s how we connected.

    We’re here to offer support and encouragement if you need it. As always, sending love from our family to yours. ❤️

  • Hi there, I hope everyone is doing well atm and I jope its ok to add a comment to this thread.

    I was wondering if anyone has any spare vials of donor 15002 that they would like to sell please?

    Thank you x

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    @LaLaLiv call them right now! ;)

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    @transfamily7 been thinking of you and hope you’re well! 💕

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