Pregnant with Donor 14042

After going through all of the should I's and should I not's, I made a decision to become a single mother by choice! It's been such an up and down journey, but I knew that my heart wanted to love a little being that I could call my own...I wanted to become a mother! So I did it... I am so excited and nervous that my IUI was a success on the first try with 1 vile...It's like I found the golden ticket in a willy wonka bar!! :) I am thankful and blessed, and praying for a successful journey to meet the love of my life! I know the first trimester is the scariest, so I'm praying that everything will be ok and that we make it through the roughest part together! I wish everyone much success, and to the single mother's....WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Blessings to all!

One Happy Mommy To Be!


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