Some suggestions from a newbie

Hi! Thank you for your wonderful site and also for providing your community with these boards so we can communicate with each other. California Cryobank definitely has the best, most user-friendly and professional website out of all the donor sperm sites I've been looking at.

Just some feedback from a newbie on these boards...I noticed that many people are making queries about the same four topics everywhere on the boards, regardless of the actual board topic. I wondered if it might be helpful for the community and for yourselves if you added four threads exclusively to address these four topics, namely

1 A thread for people asking about reported pregnancies/births with a particular donor
2 A thread for those searching for more vials from a particular donor
3 A thread for those offering extra vials to other members of the community
4 A thread for people who wish to connect with other families who used the same donor

From what I can gather, these are the four most common topics here and giving them their own threads will make it much easier to access important information for families.

Thanks so much!


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    Hi @Valentinegirl

    Great idea!
    Im new here too and noticed the same thing. Your ideas would be really helpful.

    I’m also really loving CCB! Love being part of a great community of amazing people.


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    I have a question, im very new to this im 25 years old and never been pregnant, i know every women is different but anyone got pregnant off first try without any previous kids?

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    @collie Me and my gf have tried IUI 3 times with donor 15581 and no luck. I timed everything just right up until my peak days and inseminated right before I peaked... we are going to pick a new donor this month and see if that makes a difference.

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    HappyBriHappyBri Posts: 2
    edited November 27, 2020 12:38PM

    @GlitterMeGold Would you like to sell your vials? I was successful with Donor 15581 and would like a sibling for my kid.

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