Second IUI Worked! 15130

My wife and I tried in February with donor 15130, but because our doctor was out of town on the days I should have "peaked", we did the procedure on my first "high" day. There was still a chance it would work, and we didn't want to waste a vial and not do the insemination at all. But it wasn't successful.

My doctor thought we should wait until the following cycle, and track our current cycle again to get a more clear picture of my most fertile days. So we tracked March's cycle, and as I suspected I ran like clockwork!

April 24th I ordered my second vial. Since my "peak" day fell on a weekend, the office was closed, so I saw the on-call doctor. Best thing I could have asked for! Since the office was closed, the doctor met us outside by our car and walked us into the building. We were the only 3 people in the entire building, so it was a more personal and relaxed experience. There weren't other patients needing her attention, or any other distractions, which made me feel more at ease. I probably would have switched to using her as my doctor, but she is currently pregnant herself, so she wouldn't be available after August. She did tell me that she is a good luck charm, though. And I have to believe her now!

May 11th (two days before Mother's Day!) I got my BFP! I had planned a cute way to tell my wife that I was pregnant, and had a gift for her in the closet for when it happened. But when I got my positive test, I walked out of the bathroom shaking and walked right up to her in the kitchen. It wasn't the way I planned on telling her, but it was still the most perfect moment, we both just started crying. "Should we do one more, just in case?" Yep...still positive! ;)

Now I am 5 weeks and 5 days along! Wish me luck!


  • Good luck! My gf and I just started looking for donors. Hopefully we will be in your boat soon!!

  • How did you decide your peak day?

  • how are things now? did you have a boy or a girl?

  • Congratulations on your little boy! My wife and I just got a positive at home test and blood work test and we used donor 15130!!

  • Congratulations! I'm currently expecting this summer with donor 15130.

  • I gave birth to a baby boy in February using this donor but he passed away at birth. I am trying again this time doing IVF with the same donor. I signed up for sibling registry but I never got contacted back. I guess most of us using this donor are due this year or trying. Would love to connect in the future. Best wishes to everyone!

  • Oh no... I’m so sorry for your loss. That’s absolutely devastating. I read your comment out loud when I saw it, and my wife burst into tears. We’re sending our love your way. ♥️

    Please let us know how your next try goes, and we’re always here to talk!

    I haven’t done the sibling registry yet, is it easy to do?

  • Hi,
    Our son greyson was actually born february 17th. So crazy your son was born jan 17th!

    The sibling registry was easy; I just didnt get any confirmation or responses. I typed donor 15130 randomly into google and found this chat thread.

    I will for sure keep you guys posted. I saw other parents from here make a private facebook group per donor. Some kids grow up and are curious so I was just trying to see who the donor 15130 was.

    Glad I found you ladies!

  • February 17th?? Wow! We seriously almost named our son Greyson. That’s a pretty crazy coincidence as well!

    We might be open to doing a private Facebook group someday.. maybe not just yet, not sure we’re ready for that lol.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Our son was born early December 2019. Very healthy. He's now going on 5 months and at 90th and 95th percentile for height and weight, big boy!

    We got pregnant after the first IVF transfer and birthed at 42 weeks. No real birth complications, except he got stuck in the later stages and I needed an episiotomy.

    We are Australian and in Australia. It's so amazing to find everyone!

    So sorry to read that, Feebs, how devastating. Wishing you and the rest of the families the best.

    From the Mummas.

  • That is awesome! Seems like this donor makes a bunch of boys! We just started ivf. Hoping everyone is staying safe out there! Sending love to all the donor siblings 💜

  • That's fantastic, Feebs! Wishing you all the best with this transfer! Maybe you'll have what seems to be the first girl! :-D HAHA xx

  • Hi All, I’m a single mum from Australia and I have a little girl (Ruby) born on 5 February this year.

    Ruby had reflux and colic to start with so life has only just settled down for me to start looking for other donor siblings.

    I’m so excited to come across this chat (thanks to Feebs for helping me join the dots).

    Mummas I’m also excited you’re Australian. I’m up north (in Darwin).

    Lovely to be in some form of contact with you all.

  • Just to confirm... ruby is conceived with donor 15130 😊

  • hello, anyone from QLD?

  • Have a healthy baby boy from Donor 15130 born in September, 2020. No complications. He loves to eat! Seems like there are at least 4 other families with this donor. We are in the US. I am new to this - is there a way to connect via a group or registry of some sort?

  • Congrats! Myself and 1 other mom are connected on facebook. I have heard of people making private facebook groups or instagrams just for us. I am up for that.

  • Hi all!
    I had twins on July 29th, boy and girl from donor 15130! I’m in California :smile:

  • I am from california as well! If anyone is interested i could
    make a private group called ccb donor 15130. This way anyone can join if they wish. ✌🏼

  • Done! I have a made a group; it is private
    CCB Donor 15130
    Feel free to join 😊

  • I just joined, my wife is still a little nervous about joining a group. But as long as the group is kept private and managed with care, I think it would be kind of neat to connect with other 15130 families. :)

  • Thank you! Just requested to join.

  • Hello from the UK. Me and my wife had a baby boy born May 2021. Very happy and healthy.

    Love his two mums x

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