Hi! Has anyone had success with donor 14268?


  • Hi BayBeeTree333,
    We used 14268 and I am 13 weeks pregnant. Took 2 IUIs....

  • We were successful with donor 14268, he’s a week from being 1!

  • I am pregnant 4 weeks and 5 days now.

  • Congrats MEOW!

  • Would you share a picture of your babies? My wife and I are interested in using donor 14268. It’s been a long road for us due to the donor shortage and we appreciate any comments you can share about using this donor! California Cryobank has been great to work with so far.

  • Thanks for posting, won’t share kid photos but this donor has been sold out for more than a year. Excited to see he restocked

  • Thank you so much, Kate S! Anxious first timers here and I appreciate knowing there are a few families that have used this donor. We just want a healthy and happy baby! Hope you and your family are well!

  • The donor had been on hold for a while due to a genetic condition, it appears they have removed that flag so maybe it was a false alarm. All of the families I talk to have healthy happy babies. My son is almost 4. I’m biased, I think they’re very pretty kids

  • Hi Kate, thank you for writing. Is your comment related to the GJB2 hearing loss genetic mutation? I appreciate your comments and happy to hear about all the adorable babes.

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