Are most of the couples in here homosexual?

The hetro board doesn't have many posts!


  • We are hetro couple who had to use donor

  • @EWalsh101 We started this category less than a year ago when we updated our Bulletin Boards. Although, we didn't have any clients requesting a board for hetero couples, I thought it might provide a supportive place for those dealing with situations and issues that are unique to hetero couples.

    Many of our hetero couples like to keep things private, so I'm not too surprised there are few posts. I'm hoping that over time, more people will post in this category and provide support to each other that are going through this process. We also have many users that only read the posts, so I can try to post some helpful resources in here from time to time.

    Here is an endearing video of one of our hetero couples talking about their tough journey to pregnancy: We hope that their story inspires others.


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