Seeking extra vials for donor 14572

I know there are no more vials for donor 14572 and probably won’t be any. If someone was to return extra vials they have is there any way I can get notified?


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    @VLG825 Yes, you can call Client Services at 866-927-9622 and ask to be added to the notification list for Donor 14572. He completed our donor program and no additional vials will be released. It's possible that we may get buyback vials from clients that are currently storing vials at our facility, but there are no guarantees.

    If you already have a child with the donor, there's the possibility of reactivating the donor. This is a lengthy and costly process and not all donors are able or eligible to come back into our program. Here's more information on the process: https://cryobank.com/services/post-conception-services/donor-reactivation/


    California Cryobank

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    I see it’s been awhile since you posted but are you still interested in a vial?

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