TTC- Inseminated self

Hello I am 30 years old. My partner and I are ttc. We have a donor and started going through the process. We’ve been at this process for almost a year. We decided to give it a try ourselves. We got a few sperm vials and I started using clear blue opk. When I got a positive on CD13 my partner and I decided to thaw out the sperm as instructed and do an at home inseminiation. I am a little nervous because I’m so irregular every month. I got the opk test on CD 12 and got a negative. The next day CD13 I got a positive. We did the insemination on CD13 and CD14. Praying for positive results in 2 weeks. Has anyone else ever did an at home and if so what we’re your results?


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    I did 4 or 5 at-home inseminations, all negative. I ovulated regularly, but it turned out there was a glitch in the system where my follicles were not fully maturing and I was ovulating too early. So I got pregnant with the assistance of a fertility clinic by taking Clomid.

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