First Time at CCB

Hey everyone, I'm simply looking for some advice or just words of encouragement as I start this journey into starting my family with my wife. Not sure if anyone has any tips on what to expect or what a "first timer" should prepare itself for, but any words advice would help. Thank You! :)


  • I did a lot of research before I bought sperm at CA Cryobank. This sperm bank offers the best services for parents- bulletin board- to ask questions, sibling registry- to connect with other parents using the same donor, and easy filter button to search for donors. The other banks aren't as user-friendly, in my opinion.

    When you find a donor you love, buy his sperm right away. My first choice donor sold out and I was bummed. Be smart. I would check his sperm every day and then one week I went on vacation and when I looked back on the site, he only had a few remaining and by the time I was ready to purchase, he was sold out, retired. I ended up buying my second choice donor and got pregnant on my first attempt of natural IUI.

  • Thank you 123abc. This helps me!

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