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I have a 2 1/2 year old son with this donor and I have some strange yet pertinent questions. My sons bottom teeth did not grow in straight (I know he will loose them.) but made me think did 13907 have braces, tubes in ears, acne as a teenager. Little things I know but now I’m curious. My sons pinky fingers curve in slightly and his #2 and #3 toes are webbed halfway up. Does anyone else have the same thing going on with their child?


  • Hello. I have a two year old son by 13907 and am so happy to see your post. I would love to email and share photos with you. Please go to the sibling registry after you sign in and you see where we have listed the siblings click on the link for the bulletin board and you will see my email address and we can correspond more easily from there. I am also in touch that way with another single mother of a son by 13907.
    My son's teeth are pretty much straight. I had straight teeth as a child. The top four teeth came in with significant stains, which the dentist says sometimes happens. I was on no medication that would have caused this. You can't see it though unless you deliberately pull up his lip and stare at it. His bottom teeth are mostly straight with one in the center ever so slightly crooked. But again, very slight.
    My major concern with my son at birth was his ears. They were misshapen. As if they were crushed in place in utero. All the parts were there, luckily. Also luckily, I immediately brought him to a specialist who was able to mold the ears back in shape with a set of ear molds which he wore for several weeks. His earlobes though are lifted and attached. I do not have attached earlobes. The other mother has a son with attached earlobes but she has as well. But again, not just attached in the usual way but kind of lifted and attached. The ears also kind of cup in a bit. No one in my extended family, and I have a lot of cousins, has anything that looks like this so I am curious about his side. The ears now look great since I had the ear molds put on them. No one will notice anything about them now, so it is luckily a non-issue in his life.
    His feet and toes look like mine and the toe shape looks cute and perfect (luckily he got my toe shape LOL) His nails on the big toes are definitely not mine and are wide and short looking. Pinky fingers are straight.

    But overall my boy definitely looks like a combo of both me and the donor and it has been fun looking at the photos and comparing them with the other mother.
    I would love to be in touch with you so if you too are interested please take a look at the info above.

  • Hi,
    There are now a group of 5 children that their mothers are in touch on a Facebook group. Two of the five children also have webbing between the second and third toes. If you would like to be a part of our Facebook group go to the California Cryobank's Sibling Message Board and read the posts there where I leave my email. If you are not sure how to access that just call California Cryobank's customer service. Or leave your email for me here.

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