Donor 14962

Anyone going with #14962? He looks interesting but I'm kind of scared of the no reported pregnancies thing.


  • Hi! We just went through our 3rd try with 14962 (we had tried one cycle first with a different donor, but then he sold out by the time we went for try #2). On 2/2 we received a positive HCG result! We have our first ultrasound next week so just waiting to report until we see our little one and know it's not just a chemical positive. Good luck!

  • 14962 is definitely on my short list. Fingers crossed for you!

  • Went very well today! :-) fingers crossed for you too!

  • Hi Nifty! Did you end up going with 14962 or did you go with someone else? Just curious! Hope you are doing well!

  • I just saw this now. I'm 30 weeks pregnant after using 14962!

  • Congratulations! I had a mostly successful pregnancy up until 15 1/2 weeks with 14962.

    Unfortunately, that's when something happened that through test after test they really couldn't explain what happened. Our little boy decided to join us way too early and was way too young to survive.

    Our doctors suggested we either go through more testing with our son's donor or start from scratch with a new donor. When we were ready to try again another donor had been released that my wife happened to relate to more than 14962. We are 20 weeks pregnant now with 15084!

    For your little one's history's sake, I wanted you to know about ours (since he will not be on the sibling registry). Best of luck to you!

  • Hi Nifty! Not sure if you will see this message as I’m sure you are way into parenthood! Thought it was worth a try to ask you how you and baby are doing! We have vials of donor 14962 and we are in between two donors for our cycle. Thank you for any information. Hope you are both loving your time together!

  • @Nifty How are you and baby?

    @Cr1573 Did you get a BFP?! We are interested in 14962 but this process is so overwhelming I thought I would search for any positive pregnancies/ birth stories.

  • Hey! I didn't see this. My kid is just about 18 months old and doing great. He's very cute and has a ton of personality. I've been trying for a sibling with the same donor so hopefully that will happen soon!

    If anyone uses 14962 and wants to connect we're registered on all the sibling registries so reach out.

  • @TinyToes87 how did things go with donor 15084? He is on my list of possibilities.. Thank you!

  • Great! We have a 16 month old daughter with 15084 :-) good luck!

  • @TinyToes87 we are 29 wks pregnant with a son with donor 15084!

  • @Bexnjam do you happen to have any vials remaining for 15084?

  • @TinyToes87 We have a daughter with 15084.

  • Every time I get a notification about this 14962 thread I get excited that there might be siblings for my 2 kids out there! I know they are out there but we haven’t found any yet.

  • @TinyToes87 my daughter (15084) is 20months old

  • My 14962 kids are 38 months and 4 months.

  • Hi I have a son off donor 14962 he has just turned one years old

  • @Nifty i see you have two children off the same donor as mine 😀 what do you have

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