Looking for vials of Donor 13957

GlobetrotterGlobetrotter Posts: 2
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Hi, I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this past December and would love to start thinking about a second child in the not to distant future. If anyone has IUI vials of Donor 13957 and is willing to sell them, I would be so appreciative. I would really love to give my son a full sibling. Thank you.


  • Hi @Globetrotter
    We had a baby girl with this donor in November. I wish we had more vials to help you out, but unfortunately we're out as well. Are you on the sibling registry? I'd love to connect and keep in touch. My email address is [email protected]

  • @Globetrotter Are you still looking? I'm not sure how many vials we have but at least a few. I'm 15 weeks pregnant now with our first and have enough frozen embryos for sibs that we would love to be able to help your family out.

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