Looking for Donor 15080

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Please let us know if you are selling any IUI vials of rugby champ 15080. Thank you!



  • We don’t have any vials but we just found out yesterday that the 2 we purchased for ivf (ICI PREMIUM 1 for procedure and 1 for future use) were not suitable and we had to go with ICSI instead of natural fertilization after both vials collectively did not meet the count we needed:( Very unhappy to put it politely.

  • Does anyone have access to more pictures of donor 15080? Just want to see a bit more before I commit to buying the package. Thank you.

  • Thats concerning AKH01; I was considering this donor but will probably pass based on your experience.

  • Hi all, I have two vials of IUI for Donor 15080 that I do not need. Note that they were shipped directly to my RE and have been in storage for just over a year. Please let me know if you would like them and/or if you have any questions!

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