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We have 5 vials of retired Donor Sperm 12434. They are still in storage with California Cryo. We had two beautiful healthy children (both on the first try with IUI) with 12434. We are not having anymore children. We would be happy to transfer all five for $400 each.


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    Hello. If still available, I may be interested in taking you up on this offer. I conceived my first (amazing) son using a different donor (13026). I spent 2017 trying to conceive a sibling for him, miscarried twice, and thought I was financially going to have to be finished trying, then I learned that my 2018 insurance would be covering IUIs. However, when I went to buy more sperm, my donor was sold out. I’ve put out an APB for my original donor, but have had no luck thus far. Your donor looks wonderful, and at 43, with financial limitations and age limitations (not to mention the emotional roller coaster), I don’t imagine trying any more than 5 more times for a second child. I’d like to wait another week or two to see if any sperm from my original donor surfaces before committing (my next IUI would be for the end of January). If you are willing to wait, and no one in need of this particular donor for a sibling should appear in the next two weeks, I would love to purchase these from you.

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    Happy family Happy family Posts: 8
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    I know you wanted to wait a week or 2 to see if you could locate sperm from your original donor. Just checking back to see if you are still interested. Please just let’s us know.

    You can reach us at happy2015fam@gmail.com. If interested, we could talk with California Cryobank to arrange the transfer.

    Wishing you well.

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    Hi still wondering if you had the vials left still we are looking had 2 unsuccessfuls

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