samoan/Hawaiian sperm

hello, my partner and have been searching many months for a samoan/pacific islander donor. There is really not much out there, any insights? my partner is samoan but she unfortunately does not want to carry,



  • Hi @juniperbaby,

    The Samoan/Pacific Islander population is relatively small compared with other ethnic backgrounds worldwide and the few applicants that we receive usually have a mixed ethnic background. Combine that with our stringent donor screening process and that results in very few Pacific Islander donors.

    However, you did come to the right place, as we offer the most diverse donor selection. We recruit donors from our 5 different locations (Los Angeles, Palo Alto, New York, Boston, & Houston) which gives us a very large pool of applicants. We do have a few Pacific Islander donors available. (I emailed you additional information on specific donors.)

    It's important to choose a donor that is a good fit for you and your partner. While many of our couples select a donor based on ethnic origin, some may consider a donor that has similar characteristics, talents, or personality traits as their partner. Some couples also utilize our donor matching services where you can send in a photo of your partner and we'll find you donors that have similar features. Our consultation manager, La'Trice has been helping clients find their ideal donor for 30 years!

    No one can predict which characteristics your child will inherit from you and from your donor. And your child will inevitably pick up gestures, habits, etc. from your partner. (For better or for worse! :smile:)

    Please let us know if you have additional questions because we're happy to help you and your partner on your journey to parenthood.


    California Cryobank

  • @cyro-admin is it possible that I can get the list of donors I’ve been searching for a Samoan donor and haven’t had any luck

  • Can I get on the list of emailing Samoan and native Hawaiian sperm donors please? I am Native Hawaiian and would love to keep the Polynesian blood alive 🌺🌺🌺

  • @HawaiianMomma @Letta88 @juniperbaby

    We have a Pacific Islander donor becoming available tomorrow!

    Donor 17603 is mixed donor who indicates that his mother’s ancestry is Samoan and Irish. He’s a grad student studying Public Health & Applied Epidemiology and enjoys playing rugby in addition to weight training and wrestling. In school, he served in the student government and also on the Samoan student body. He hopes to travel to Samoa some day to learn more about his native ancestry. He has both childhood and adult photos available. Here's a link to his profile:



    California Cryobank

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