IUI Two Days Ago!

I'm at the beginning of the dreaded two week wait. I can't believe it's only been two days of waiting!



  • I'm in the same boat! Had my IUI on Monday, so I'm on day 4 and already feels like forever!

  • Did you have any luck, 2sportymoms? We did not, but we're back in the dreaded two week wait again and hoping for better results this time. I'm currently day 6 post IUI!

  • Hello to all, I am only 2 days in and I have so far to go

  • Good luck, @sweetbaby83!

    I did not get pregnant with my last IUI, but have plans for IUI again tomorrow morning, so I'll be joining you in the TWW soon.

  • Thank you so much ,@TwoMoms73 Good luck to u as well . I know its too early to say but are you feeling any different after your IUI ? Also did u take the trigger shot?

  • @sweetbaby83, I had my IUI this morning and I've been having a lot of pressure in my low abdomen. This same thing happened last time. I honestly think it is because I have a LOT of follicles since I used follistim. I'm hoping it's ovulation, but I really don't know for sure. Before, when we were doing natural cycles, I didn't have this feeling after IUIs.

    I did use a trigger shot on Monday night at 10pm. IUI was this morning a little before 9am, so about 35 hours after the trigger.

  • @Twomoms73 oh ok I thought u had done the iui already. Yes , i had alot of pressure the same day i had my iui done.I was in pain for about 3 hours then the pain eased up a lil. So u and I are really in tis 2ww together lol.Its gonna all work out for you guys .Just stay positive. Keep me posted and baby dust to you guys

  • @TwoMoms73 also if u dont mind me asking each time you did ur iui what's was ur sperm count after the wash

  • Hello everyone!

    @sweetbaby83 I am 7-8dpiui as I had IUI inseminations on 1/23 and 1/24.
    This is my fourth and last IUI cycle but this one feels very different from my previous three.
    Because I have had medicated IUI cycles, I feel it is hard to separate what is a true pregnancy symptom, what is a symptom due to the meds, or is it just PMS (although never had PMS symptoms before). I have experienced pelvic pain, nausea, decreased appetite, and increase fatigue since this IUI.
    I have used three donors over the course of this journey and all of the sperm counts were high (greater than 10 mil).

    Good luck @sweetbaby83 and @TwoMoms73, baby dust to everyone!

  • Good luck to you as well, @sweetbaby83 and @NicholeP !

    I don't remember last time's numbers, but today we had pre-wash count of 49 million and post-wash count of 21 million. Our doctor said the motility was great as well.

    @sweetbaby83 we are only about three days apart in wait times then. And @NicholeP , you're already halfway done with the wait!!!

  • Currently in the TWW as well, only on day 2, just trying to figure out how I am going to get past the next 12 days.

  • Welcome, @Mamamoe85! I'm technically only on day 1 now!

  • Thanks @TwoMoms73.

    If no AF, I plan to do HPT on 2/7 and Beta @ RE's office on 2/9.

    @Mamamoe85, I struggled days 2-6 but it does get better :smile:.
    Baby dust to you!

  • I'm day 11 post IUI. Still patiently waiting to test on Valentine's day...

  • Hello all! Just started the TWW. Good luck to all of you. It’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

  • Congratulations @TwoMoms73! I will be taking our pregnancy test this Friday.

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    Hello ladies! I am currently 4 days post IUI. Had trigger shot and IUI done 32 hours after. This is my 4th IUI.. hoping for a BFP on St. Patrick’s Day! :) good luck to you all in the TWW!

  • I failed three times with my first donor and his numbers were always below 8 million with low motility. Today my new donor had 21 million and a high motility. However this is the first time the doctor wanted me to take estradiol for the lining to get thicker. Has anyone else had to take that for the two week wait? I’m sad I finally got a donor with good numbers and this is the first time I had to take something besides the trigger shot and pro.. blanking on the name on my end.

  • Ps congratulations to everyone who got positives!

  • I start with my iui tomorrow morning. Nervous but hopeful. I was on Femara-3 pills/day and Follistim-75 units/day, took my hcg trigger yesterday

  • Hoy fue mi iui. En la espera el 4 abril sera la prueba de embarazo.

  • Four days into my 2ww seems like a long time to go

  • 5 days to go, 9dpiui tonight :) hoping for sticky bean(s)

  • Good luck, @Bee1213 !

    CONGRATULATIONS, @123abc !!!!!

  • Thank you @TwoMoms73

  • Repeating this post from another thread, hoping for thoughts :) 13dpiui and wearing shorts when there’s snow outside, can’t stop sweating and I usually get cold easily. Faintest of lines on a frer. No af yet. Confused because when I went into the hospital with a kidney stone on 12dpiui they said my hcg was on 3 so I’m probably no pregnant. Think I passed the stone yesterday so the sweating isn’t from that and I feel nauseous. Thoughts?

  • Bfn so heartbroken. Two failed iuis with husbands sperm until re realized it was poor quality. First iui negative with donor sperm. Waiting for af to try again

  • How do I find out the motility?

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