IUI Two Days Ago!

I'm at the beginning of the dreaded two week wait. I can't believe it's only been two days of waiting!



  • I'm in the same boat! Had my IUI on Monday, so I'm on day 4 and already feels like forever!

  • Did you have any luck, 2sportymoms? We did not, but we're back in the dreaded two week wait again and hoping for better results this time. I'm currently day 6 post IUI!

  • Hello to all, I am only 2 days in and I have so far to go

  • Good luck, @sweetbaby83!

    I did not get pregnant with my last IUI, but have plans for IUI again tomorrow morning, so I'll be joining you in the TWW soon.

  • Thank you so much ,@TwoMoms73 Good luck to u as well . I know its too early to say but are you feeling any different after your IUI ? Also did u take the trigger shot?

  • @sweetbaby83, I had my IUI this morning and I've been having a lot of pressure in my low abdomen. This same thing happened last time. I honestly think it is because I have a LOT of follicles since I used follistim. I'm hoping it's ovulation, but I really don't know for sure. Before, when we were doing natural cycles, I didn't have this feeling after IUIs.

    I did use a trigger shot on Monday night at 10pm. IUI was this morning a little before 9am, so about 35 hours after the trigger.

  • @Twomoms73 oh ok I thought u had done the iui already. Yes , i had alot of pressure the same day i had my iui done.I was in pain for about 3 hours then the pain eased up a lil. So u and I are really in tis 2ww together lol.Its gonna all work out for you guys .Just stay positive. Keep me posted and baby dust to you guys

  • @TwoMoms73 also if u dont mind me asking each time you did ur iui what's was ur sperm count after the wash

  • Hello everyone!

    @sweetbaby83 I am 7-8dpiui as I had IUI inseminations on 1/23 and 1/24.
    This is my fourth and last IUI cycle but this one feels very different from my previous three.
    Because I have had medicated IUI cycles, I feel it is hard to separate what is a true pregnancy symptom, what is a symptom due to the meds, or is it just PMS (although never had PMS symptoms before). I have experienced pelvic pain, nausea, decreased appetite, and increase fatigue since this IUI.
    I have used three donors over the course of this journey and all of the sperm counts were high (greater than 10 mil).

    Good luck @sweetbaby83 and @TwoMoms73, baby dust to everyone!

  • Good luck to you as well, @sweetbaby83 and @NicholeP !

    I don't remember last time's numbers, but today we had pre-wash count of 49 million and post-wash count of 21 million. Our doctor said the motility was great as well.

    @sweetbaby83 we are only about three days apart in wait times then. And @NicholeP , you're already halfway done with the wait!!!

  • Currently in the TWW as well, only on day 2, just trying to figure out how I am going to get past the next 12 days.

  • Welcome, @Mamamoe85! I'm technically only on day 1 now!

  • Thanks @TwoMoms73.

    If no AF, I plan to do HPT on 2/7 and Beta @ RE's office on 2/9.

    @Mamamoe85, I struggled days 2-6 but it does get better :smile:.
    Baby dust to you!

  • I'm day 11 post IUI. Still patiently waiting to test on Valentine's day...

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