Reasons for unsucessful cycles?


I'm new to this post, but right now I'm just so defeated. I just found out my 5th IUI didn't work. The first three were natural and the last 2 on clomid. The doctors can't find anything wrong with me - clear HSG, hormone levels good, I've always ovulated on my own. My husband has aspermatazia, hence we're using donor sperm. All the sperm counts have been good. The next round will have a HCG trigger shot so that we're more sure of the timing. I'm just wondering how many people had sucess after so many failures? I've always been the eternal optimist, but right now - I just don't know if this will ever work no matter what I do. It would be great to hear how it worked for others.


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    I feel your pain. I had four unsuccessful IUIs on my natural cycles, followed by a failed IVF cycle. During the IVF cycle 32 eggs were retrieved, but one 18 embryos were still growing on transfer day (Day 3). Two were transferred, and none of the leftover 16 were deemed suitable for freezing. The IVF failed and I was devastated. I was only 24 and the time and sure I would never get pregnant, that something had to be wrong. After taking a year off we started trying again, IUI on my natural cycle, with a different donor (per my doctor's suggestion). Well, I got pregnant on the first try and my daugher is now 19 months old! I just found out I am pregnant again, first try on a natural IUI again, with the same donor we used to have our daughter.

    I hope it all works for you!
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    By the way, I meant "only" 18 embryos were still growing. :-)
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    Thanks, it's good to hear sucess stories. Congrats on your daugter and your pregnancy - that's wonderful!

    I feel like such a whiner, all these people are going through the same sort of thing and here I am crying myself to sleep thinking poor me....

    I always thought I was a strong person but this has knocked me on my A$$ like nothing else. It just tears your heart out and makes you feel so hopeless.
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    Don't be too hard on yourself. I am experiencing the exact same emotions. 7 unsucssful IUI's. 3 on Clomid, 3 on menopur. One now cancelled. I have spent thousands of dollars and now have been told I need to move to IVF. I wish I would have only tried one of each type of cycle of maybe 2.

    If I were you I would move to injectibles right away. One cycle and be sure monitored no matter what drug you take to help you create viable follicles.

    Good Luck on your journey towards motherhood.
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    I'm just getting started... hope to have my first IUI this month. Just got my day 3: came in at 12.8... I still have hopes of using my own eggs but I don't intend to do too many IUI's before making the decision to move to IVF since I will be 46 in July.

    I read the posts here and each time I hear of a unsuccessful try, I feel disappointed as well... and when I hear of a successful try, I feel happy because it CAN happen...

    Good luck with your journey... you are in my prayers... as are you all. Please remember me in yours.
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    I have had 2 clomid cycles, and 2 injection cycles. 2 were semi-successful in that there was implantation, but no progression. It is very defeating, stressful, tiring, maddening, etc. But keep on trying! It is possible that you may need to switch donors. That was suggested to me as well, but we still have 2 vials from the donor we chose. After those 2, we'll take a break for awhile and then try again.

    Good luck to you!
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