Our 1st IUI try!!!!

My partner and I just had our first insemination this morning with donor 5228. It was the last vial of that donor so we have to keep looking if this attempt doesn't work out.
We are so excited and nervous....I feel like I should be on the couch with my ankles over my head letting my body do what it needs to do. I am trying to just relax and see what happens but....Ahhh!


  • we are doing our first IUI in about 2 weeks. Keep us posted!!!
  • Good luck to you both! I felt the same way with our IUI...I did rest for two days and didn't do much...we were lucky because we inseminated on Saturday morning, so we just layed around all weekend, which isn't like us at all! The good new is that we were successful on our first IUI. We are 19 weeks now and couldn't be more thrilled!

    Good luck and KUP!
  • Possible I might be having my first IUI tomorrow... going in for the ultrasound to check. I haven't got the + on the OPK yet so they want to check what my follies look like... and they have Ovidrel standing by just in case.
  • ualtigger,

    That's exciting! Please update us with what's going on!

    Good luck!
  • Well... we didn't do the IUI today but we did do the ultrasound... I have one follicle on each ovary both of them @ 11. Hoping that I don't ovulate for a few more days (as is my RE) to give them a chance to get larger... hoping to get a positive on my OPK on either Monday or Tuesday.
  • First I want to say I am awful at responding to these boards on a regular basis...sorry.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you ualtigger..I wish you the best and hope your follicles cooperate! :)
    Congradulations on your success Misty&Carla! It is very reassuring hear stories like yours...sometimes it's hard to be optimistic knowing what we all know....
    Okay so it has been exactly 7 days since our IUI and I really do believe that this is the longest 10-14 days in our lives! We are so excited and want this soooo much I am really worried about how I am going to feel if it didn't work, and I know that the odds are not in our favor (again thank you misty&carla).
    I don't know if it is my head playing tricks on my body but I have been feeling differant...
    extreamly tired, breast tenderness and a headache for the last 2 1/2 days. I can't imagine that any symptoms would be here this early but it's how I'm feeling....Oh boy.
    We are counting down the days and will keep everyone posted!
    Again Congrads Misty&Carla and best wishes to ualtigger & virgo!!! :)
  • Jess...don't blow off your symptoms so easy...I don't want to get your hopes us, but I had those exact symptoms and mine started at 2 dpiui...so, it's not too early! Do a search under my user name and you'll find several posts where I listed my symptoms.

    If you give in and test early, don't get discourgaged if you get a negative before 14 dpiui. We tested at CD11 and got a BFN, but tested on CD12 and got our BFP!

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  • Okay so I did the first test today, 10dpiui and it was negative....It is difficult not to get discouraged but will just keep thinking positive thoughts!
    My partner and I were quite disapointed, it would have been a special to find out on mothers day!
    But I know what everday we find out even if it isn't this attempt will be the most special of our life!
    The wait continues!!!
  • Keep thinking positive... it will happen.

    I got my LH detection on my OPT this afternoon and I see my RE tomorrow morning... hoping to do the IUI tomorrow or Tuesday.
  • Jess...I know how you feel...I cried and everything with my first negative, but that made it all the more special when we got our BFP!

    ualtigger...How exciting! Let us know how it goes and we'll be cheering you on during your TWW!
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you tigger!!!
    It is soooo exciting, keep us all posted and we will be here for you during your 2WW, it is tourture!!! I getting close to the end but...OMG!

    I have decited that I'm not going to test again for another couple of days, it's too difficult to see that -sign. I do have a question for you guys though, is the day the IUI was done included in the countdown or does it start the next day? Just wondering because i am either 10 days post or 11 days post....
    Thanks again misty&carla!!! Your encouragement helps get through one more day of not knowing!
  • Me again!!

    Did the IUI at 0950 today... I had my nurse, Debbie do it. She was surprised that my cervix was wide open with TONS of mucus and she was so gentle, even when she inserted the speculum (which usually has me squirming since my cervix is small), that I felt almost nothing until the swimmers went in... then I felt a slight pressure but not uncomfortable... fact is I was asleep up to that point!! :-)
  • Jess...I don't know if I'm right or not, but I counted the day of the IUI as day 1. I'm getting so excited for you! I'm praying for your BFP! What symptoms are you having now?

    ualtigger...Yeah! You're offically in the TWW! What an exciting time! These next two weeks are going to feel like two months, so find things to keep you busy. :) KUP on your symptoms!
  • jess~

    Definitely do NOT count the day of the IUI. The next day begins 1DPIUI (days PAST IUI). Your 14dpiui will be Sunday 5/16.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you!
  • For me, I might find out sooner than that... if I wait 14DPIUI, that puts me on the 26th.. AF (heifer!!) is due on the 23rd... three days earlier.
  • Pretty much you can test anytime if you feel pregnant, just keep in mind untill after day 14 it could be a false neg!!! I tested at 6 DPIUI and it was neg but It took the pressure off and when I got the BFP on 9 DPIUI It was amazing. Everyone is different so if you want to buy 14 and pee on one everyday more power to ya!!!
  • My 1st IUI is on Mon, the 18th, with clomid, and doing the trigger shot tonight! I had 4 large follicles, so i guess i will have 4 eggs to work with, so we can all do this together, through all the trials and tribulations!! : ) Wish me luck, and same to u all! : ) It has been a long emotional road for me and my partner, but finally we have Dr. intervention, and a live donor! We got married a year ago in april! ( he's gay) and in the military, and they cover infertility, so for that i am SO GREATFUL!! I'l keep yall posted! reading all of ur stories has helped me alot! I have a post, so any info is welcomed : ) BEST of LUCK to u and all! Baby dust, flood!!! PLZ....
  • Now 10DPIUI... still don't have the urge to test yet! If AF (heifer!! Hope she's on vacation!) is a no show on the 23rd ( and she's always on time), I'm hoping to hold out until 16DPIUI... which is almost my Mom's 82 birthday... the 27th... her day is the 28th.
  • Hello just wanted to update everyone...we got a BFN. It is absolutly devistating,i was sure that we were preggers, its amazing the influance that the mind has on the body. Hmmm.
    Sorry it took so long to post but we just got back from vacation and had no access to internet(kinda on purpose:)To top it off I was up on a ladder and fell off! That took me to the ER, I swore i had a broken hip. No Breaks just battered and brused, so thankful for that!
    So we are going to do our 2nd iui in about a week. My only concern is my expected surge is next sat and my dr. doesn't work on sat. Well just have to wait and see...
    Hey tigger....Truckloads of baby dust to you and best wishes!!! I cant believe you don't want to test, stonger woman than i thats for sure! :)
  • Jess, I'm so sorry to hear about the BFN. I am hopeful that your 2nd IUI will be the one that makes that beautiful baby for you and your partner. I have my 1st IUI on Thursday. My parter and I are very excited, and trying to stay optimistic. This is a very exciting time, but also an emotional rollercoaster
  • Jess:

    I'm sorry to hear about your BFN... hopefully the 2nd time works for you two. I STILL don't have the urge to test (probably because I put the HPT tests under my bathroom sink... outta sight... outta mind!! :-))

    And, it's official, I'm LATE... and I've NEVER been... EVER. My nurse told me I can test tomorrow but I'm going to try and hold out for a few more days to 16DPIUI which is Wednesday... which would make me five days late.
  • ualtigger...What??? You're already late and still don't want to test??? I don't know how you're doing it! You have some willpower! Hiding them under the sink wouldn't work for me...I thought that I wouldn't have any in the house to help with my tempation to test, but I said heck with that and had DP go to the store to buy some! :)

    You are one strong woman!

    I read about your CM issue on Facebook and I told DP then that you're pregnant! That was one of my first signs! I knew that I only got that at one day prior to AF and I'd had it for about a week.

    I'm so excited for you! Good luck and be sure to post as soon as you test! We're all waiting!
  • I'm sure I'll hear from my nurse tomorrow because I was supposed to call and leave a message for her today.

    Tummy upset today... ugh... looking forward to testing on Wednesday which is 16DPIUI... AF is STILL a no show so I'm hoping thats a good thing. I guess I just want to wait long enough to try and keep from getting the BFN... saw enough of those before my IUI.

    Like I said, I've NEVER been late... looking forward to my BFP on Wednesday!!
  • Jess and ualtigger...My fingers are crossed for both of you!
  • Okay so my wife was just on reading all these posts and informed me of all my spelling errors! I must appologize and give a disclamer that I am officially the worlds worst speller!!!!!
    We are hoping to do our second iui at the end of this week or start of next! Big sigh....
    Okay tigger so have you tested yet...we all want to know!!!
    Best wishes and Baby dust to all!
  • Hoping to see the BFP tomorrow... am having my doubts though... most of the things that I was going through have stopped today... including the sore twins and other things... well... I can always try again!! Went and got my stick HPT's since I already have the digital CBE's... went with First Response so I will find out for sure tomorrow. Still hoping... just not so sure anymore.

    Jess: Good luck!!

    Dust, dust and prayers for all of us.
  • tigger...Soooooo...we're dying to know!
  • Maybe next time...
  • I am so sorry ualtigger!!! Giant hug.....It it tough I know.
    Best Wishes and baby dust to you.
    We are doing our second this week....crossing fingers!
  • Here's you a virtual hug...[SQUEEZE)
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