1dpiui 2nd try!! feelin better

We just had our 2nd IUI yesterday, Last time I had a bad uninary tract infection, which we thought we had cleared up at the begining of the month. Found out we were wrong, after our TWW, and when AF reared her ugly head! Also saw the endocrinoligist, and wow my thyroid was way off, the limit for hypothroidism is like 4.245, and my #'s were at 10.645, so the Dr. immediately put me on the meds I desperately needed. I have been on the meds for 2 weeks now, and I feel like a new person, I have energy, My partner and the rest of my family has noticed such a big difference!!! : )
So with the infecction gone, and my thyroid doing so much better, We r so hopeful this time, I just have a wonderful feeling about it this time, OH on my 2nd U.S. 4 days after the 1st one, in those few days i had like 6 follicles just pop up out of nowhere, not that, we think they r gonna do anything. we have 4 good sized ones!! It just tells me that the thyroid meds r working!! Sorry I didn't keep yall posted. won't happen again : )
Wish us luck, Congratz to all that have been sucessfull, Send the baby dust this way PLZ!! WE will K.U.P I promise!!!

Dani & Bev~


  • Congratulations on the 2nd IUI...very exciting. It sounds like you have some health issues out of the way. We'll be expecting a BFP this month!

    Good luck!
  • MistyandCarla~

    Thank You so very much, for ur words of incouragement!! They mean the world to us!! We will K.Y.P!! CONGRATULATIONS Again, on ur wonderful news!! : )

    K.U.P. as well! ( I know yall will : } )


    Dani & Bev~
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