Discharge on 1dpiui

So we did our first IUI yesterday afternoon, and this morning I have this (sorry, but) slimy brown discharge. Any thoughts on what this is?


  • If you were closer to the end of your TWW, then I would say, mabye it is inplantation bleeding, but not on the day after the procedure!! I'm 1dpiui also!! : ) My thought is mabye , it is your fertile mucus, with a lil blood in it!!! Like from the procudure? But that is just my thought on the situation!! Has it gone away since this morning? Well I wish I could be of more help but, I can't!! : ( But keep us posted cause if this works out for both of us, we will be due at the same time!! : ) (WISHFUL THINKING) Good luck!!

    Dani & Bev~
  • It could very well be as Dani said...your CM with some blood in it from an irritated cervix. The one thing to watch for though is to see if the CM continues. This was one way I knew I was pregnant. My CM never went away until about 2 weeks after I got my BFP.

    Good luck!
  • I was also wondering if it could be ovulation. I had my LH surge on Friday at 9:30 a.m. It would make sense, right? Anyway, it's all gone now...thank you so much for the responses. This 2ww is going to be so difficult!
  • I had the same, and it lasted 2 days (although very light). My doc told me it was due to irritating my cervix and it was "spotting" from that, mixed with mucous they helped loosen whilst doing the procedure.
    I'm in 2WW too! I'm on day 6 of my 2WW.
    Good luck! I hope we both get BFP!
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