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How many pregnancies and live births does this donor have? Thanking you


  • @sun12 Donor 13965 has more than 5 reported pregnancies. He also has reported births.


    California Cryobank

  • @sun12 @cryo-admin

    Hi @sun12

    Did you go ahead with choosing this sperm donor? If so, wondering if the baby was a girl or boy?

  • Hi @Milo1987,

    No, I ended up going with 13709. The IUI worked first go, the doc said that the count and motility was very good and now we have a healthy baby boy :)

  • Hi sun12, thank you for sharing! We want to use donor 13709 but we were worry about the limited genetic testing. Im so glad to hear you had a healthy boy

  • Are there any reported baby girls with this donor?

  • You're welcome Nily, he is the most adorable happy little boy, quick to smile and started looking intently into my eyes pretty much since he was born! The way I see it, there are so many factors that go into making a healthy child or for conception to even occur in the first place and unless you have a known genetic condition or are tested to see if you carry the same positive gene a donor might have one donor is just as good as any other in that regard. Even the donors with extended genetic testing cannot be screened for everything. There are reported girls with this donor too. Please let me know if you go ahead with this donor, that would be exciting!

  • Thank you very much for your reply! My wife cried when read your comment. We are now waiting on our genetic tests results and will decide once we received it. I'll keep you posted, but we feel very connected to this donor. Again, thank you!

  • Awww... :blush: Good luck with your test results. Whoever you decide hope it goes well for you two! One thing that occurred to me is that while it is true that the older donors have got limited genetic testing compared to the newer ones it is likely a good sign that they are still available as if multiple children come back with an abnormality they remove the donor from general circulation and restrict it to families that have used them previously. We stressed quite a lot at the time we were choosing our donor, there's a range of things to weigh up and much which is out of our control. But you weigh up what is best for you overall and roll with it!

    Also work on being as healthy as you can beforehand. I am a bit on the older side but I took ubiquinol supplements for 3 months and ate brazil nuts for selenium regularly. Just 1 per day is needed. I also had pineapple in the lead up to the IUI. I may have just been lucky but what I know is that it worked first go, so I think it is worth trying especially for older moms to be. At the very least eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your insight and the tips! You made good points about the genetic testing. So far this donor is our winner. I look like his twin sister and my wife is sold. I'll keep you posted if we go with him.

    I am trying to be as healthy as I can. But the supplement and the nuts I didn't know, I'll try as well. I really appreciate your reply :)

  • Sounds perfect. Good luck Nily! Whoever you and your wife decide, I'm rooting for you :smile:

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