Donor 11429 Vials for Sale

I have 3 IUI vials for donor 11429 for sale. Vials have been stored at CCB since purchase and have never left their storage. Transfer is easy. Please respond if interested. Thanks 😊


  • Hi, after seeing your post, my partner and I are considering your extra vials. How much are you selling them for? My email is [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you!

  • Hi! Thank you for your interest! Based on my cost, I was thinking $800 for 11195 and $750 for 11429. Is this in line with what you were thinking or something else? CCB charges a flat admin fee of $345 to process the paperwork but it is one flat fee no matter how many vials are transferred over. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks 😊

  • Per vial I meant to say. Thanks 😊

  • Hi! Are you still interested? I am flexible on price. What price were you thinking? Thanks 😊

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