15174 - Any Vials?

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Hello, Message Board!
First time posting. My husband and I are looking for extra vials of donor 15174 and unfortunately he seems to be retired. We are currently on the California Cryobank wait-list in case they are sold back, but thought I'd try my luck here as well. We had a successful pregnancy with one vial and were hoping for a sibling with any of the next 3 vials we had, but no dice. I have a blockage in one of my tubes so it can be tricky making sure I am ovulating on the correct side. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Hello, Cryobank Crew/Family!
    Still holding out hope that another couple/person may have completed their family and have extra vials for Donor 15174 that they'd be willing to sell. Thanks for reading.

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